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The Pirata Cocktail - a Cuban classic exploded by Gunpowder Rum


This application of the unrepentant fire-water that is Smoke & Oakum's comes to us from a cocktail book picked up in Cuba in 2009: El convite de los sentidos, 200 cocteles cubanos, by Alejandro Montesinos Larrosa.




Shake with crushed ice and pour all into your favourite Tiki mug. Garnish with a mint sprig - or if feeling flame-boyant...

Hollow out half of a small lime and float on top of the drink. Fill with more Gunpowder Rum and a sprinkle of demerara sugar. Ignite (push mint down into drink first). Sprinkle with cinnamon for effect just before serving.



  • 30ml S.&O.'s Gunpowder Rum

  • 15ml orgeat

  • 7ml lemon juice

  • 15ml dark creme de cacao

  • 15ml brandy

The Blasted Bellini - a simple mix of rum, peach, sugar and Prosecco that is more than the sum of its parts.


The Bellini is, of course, the house specialty of Harry's Bar in Venice - no trip to the sinking city is complete without drinking one of these in the place of its birth. The Harry's Bar Bellini is 1 part peach puree to 3 parts Prosecco. Our version merely adds rum.

The Blasted Bellini:


  • 30ml S & O's Gunpowder Rum

  • Flesh of half a fresh white peach

  • 1/2 barspoon white sugar

  • Prosecco sparkling wine.

Dice the peach flesh then muddle thoroughly with the sugar in the base of a boston - add the rum and some cracked ice and shake with great ferocity in order to pulp the pulp even further.

Fine strain into a short, chilled glass then add the Prosecco according to the ratio noted above.

The Gunpowder, Double Blood & Sand Cocktail - a signature serve and twist on a 1920's classic


Perhaps one of the finest applications of Gunpowder Rum known to man, woman, beast or zombie - the Gunpowder Blood & Sand enhanced by the seasonal application of blood orange - hence 'Double Blood'.

Gunpowder, Double Blood & Sand:


  • 30ml S & O's Gunpowder Rum

  • 20ml Cherry Heering

  • 20ml Italian vermouth

  • one fresh wedge of Blood Orange

Shake with determination and maybe a trace of acrimony then fine strain into your preferred stem-ware (or the skull of your enemy if available).

Present on a bed of sand dashed with red wine.

Smoke & Oakum

SINCE 2007


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