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A blend of rums is flavored with peppers, calumet  ‘tobacco’ (a tobacco substitute smoked by Native Americans), and traditional black gunpowder before being hand-bottled with a final flavoring ingredient that gives the appearance of gunpowder grains lying at the bottom of the bottle. The rum is presented in a variety of bottle-shapes which references early rum-making practices of the 17th and 18th centuries when any old bottle would be used (Gosling’s Black Seal rum, for instance, reused empty champagne bottles in the early days of its production, which were then sealed with black wax – hence the name).

Underneath the outer wrapping of each bottle of S&O's Gunpowder Rum will be found a rum ‘pin-up’ showing a ‘comely lass’. These pin-ups will change periodically.

Each bottle is wrapped in brown paper with the paper at the top being given a final twisted finish. The appearance is much like ancient ammunition charges, pre-measured for muzzle-loading weapons.

Finally the exterior labeling is attached complete with batch and bottle numbers.

Smoke & Oakum

SINCE 2007


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